Air to the Throne

The UK's biggest freestyle MTB competition

Returning in 2017

Demos: 16 - 17 Feb
Competition: 18 - 19 Feb

See schedule below.

Air to the Throne is a two-day international Silver FMB WorldTour competition, featuring 40 of the world's best freestyle mountain bike riders going up against each other in battle for a €10,000 prize pot.

The inaugural competition in 2016 was arguably the biggest FMB event the UK has ever seen, with American superstar Nicholi Rogatkin and current World Number 1 throwing down an incredible 2nd run to claim top spot and the €5,000 first prize.

British rider and current World Number 12 Matt Jones was the unlucky runner-up, and he will be hoping to put down a winning running in 2017. He was closely followed by Portuguese rider Nuno Pintas (3rd), British rider Daryl Brown (4th) and everyone's favourite school teacher, Norwegian rider Adrian Tell (5th), completing the top five.

Click here to view the full results or here to read PinkBike's photo review of the 2016 event.

Air to the Throne returns in 2017 with defending champion Nicholi Rogatkin confirmed to attempt back-to-back wins. Can another rider step up and challenge him for the tile?

Photo @justsulivan @Specialized_uk. Rider Tom Reynolds, Specialized.

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2016 Highlights

Meet the Hosts

Seb Hejna - MC

Extreme sports presenter and editor of RideUK BMX

James Thorne - MC

Extreme sports presenter for Red Bull, Monster and the BBC

Kirsty Harper - DJ

Shoreditch Radio DJ. Plays anything from house and techno to old school rock ‘n’ roll, blues, funk, soul, disco and nu-disco.

Meet the Judges

Andrew “Sherman” Mills - Head Judge

FIS Qualified judge.
10 years experience.

24 years mountain biking.

Chris Smith - Assistant Judge 1

Pro rider and Legend of UK mountain biking.
Pioneer of UK Dirt Jump Riding.

Andrew Dodd “Doddy” - Assistant Judge 2

14 years as editor of MBUK. Head of Factory Jackson MTB Website.

Meet the Demo Riders

Scott Hamlin - BMX

1st Place Mega ramp - Nass 20010
3rd Place Mega ramp - Nass 2011

First Double Backflip in Poland - Baltic Games 2012

Inventor of the flair to fakie over a spine ramp

From: UK Age: 27

Nicholi Rogatkin

FMB Ranking: 1

Rides for: Specialized

From: USA Age: 20

Daryl Brown

FMB Ranking: 33

Rides for: Bulls Bicycles

From: UK Age: 25

Matt Scott

From: UK

James Jones - BMX

Reed Boggs

Tom Reynolds

Meet the AT3 Riders

Nicholi Rogatkin

FMB Ranking: 1

Rides for: Specialized

From: USA Age: 20

Torquato Testa

FMB Ranking: 14

Rides for: Rose Bikes, ION, Schwalbe

From: Italy Age: 23

Diego Caverzasi

FMB Ranking: 13

Rides for: Formula

From: Italy Age: 22

Mehdi Gani

FMB Ranking: 7

Rides for: Hope

From: France Age: 27

Daryl Brown

FMB Ranking: 33

Rides for: Bulls Bicycles

From: UK Age: 26

Elof Lindh

FMB Ranking: 38

From: Sweden Age: 22

Alex Alanko

FMB Ranking: 46

From: Sweden Age: 21

Paul Couderc

FMB Ranking: 36

From: France Age: 20

Matt Jones

FMB Ranking: 19

Rides for: Marin Bikes

From: UK Age: 22

Freddy Pulman

Rides for: Canyon

From: UK Age: 22

Grant Fielder AKA Chopper

UK MTB Legend & Pioneer

Rides for: GT Bikes

From: UK Age: 29

Frank Paulin

FMB Ranking: 66

Rides for: GT Bicycles

From: France Age: 23

Ray Samson

Dirt Wars Champ 2012 & 2013. 2nd overall 2014.

Rides for: DMR Bikes

From: Zimbabwe Age: 29

Adrian Tell

School teacher and fan favourite. Rode Nine Knights.

From: Norway Age: 26

Nicolas Terrier

FMB Ranking: 37

Rides for: Banshee Bikes

From: France Age: 22

Tom Cardy

FMB Ranking: 64

Rides for: Animal Clothing

From: UK Age: 23

Matt Scott

From: UK

Tom Reynolds

From: UK

Simon Pages

FMB Ranking: 20

Rides for: Specialized Bicycles

From: France Age: 20

Victor Douhan

FMB Ranking: 47

From: Sweden Age: 22

David Viltok

FMB Ranking: 85

From: Sweden Age: 25

Loek Quaedflieg

FMB Ranking: 48

Rides for: Nookie Bikes

From: Holland Age: 22

Nicholas Hilton

FMB Ranking: 77

Rides for: Morpheus Bicycles

From: USA Age: 22

Enzo Souza Haberl

FMB Ranking: 63

Rides for: Kona Bicycles

From: Austria Age: 21

Erik Fedko

FMB Ranking: 41

Rides for: Beddo Bikes

From: Germany Age: 18

Chris Raeber

Rides for: Trek Bikes | TSG

From: Switzerland

Marc Diekmann

FMB Ranking: 69

Rides for: Rose Bikes

From: Germany Age: 21

Loic Esteve

Rides for: Polygon Bikes

From: France Age: 23

Alex Cahill

From: UK Age: 23

Antonin Honore

From: France Age: 20

Jonny Kielhorn

From: Germany

Jonas Bachmann

From: Germany Age: 20

Michael Meisel

From: Germany Age: 20

Event Schedule


Displays from top MTB & BMX riders.

Displays: 13:15, 14:45, 16:15


Displays from top MTB & BMX riders and Air to the Throne practice begins.

10.00 Practise opens. Practise will close when the shows are being performed.

Displays: 11:15, 12:45, 14:15, 16:00


Riders get to grips with the course and compete for a place in Sundays semi-final's.

09:45 Open Practice

11:00 Qualifier 1 – 50% of riders, 2 runs, best 1 counts

13:30 Qualifier 2 - 50% of riders, 2 runs, best 1 counts

16:00 Cash for Tricks contest - Follow it live on our Facebook page


Riders compete for the Air to the Throne trophy.

09.00 Open Practice

10.00 Last Chance Qualifier, 2 runs, 1 run counts

12.00 Semi-final, 18 riders, 2 runs, best run counts

14.30 Final, 8 riders, 2 runs, best run counts - Follow it live on our Facebook page

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